I Surrender.

As you all can see by now, I was not able to publish ANYTHING last week. I have been working on the Russ Korpela Podcast and for the last couple of weeks I have been having file corruption issues and was forced to use the backup file that I had made which in turn changed the editing process and took MUCH longer than anticipated. But, as of this last weekend, the podcast has posted to The Turn It Around Podcast Site and, in fact, I was able to do the next one too, which is Ryan and Brandon Leitch from Leitch Insurance, that will post this Tuesday(2/14/23). Also, I am doing more things for SERVPRO and I need to focus on that. With those responsibilities changing and growing it is, for the moment, difficult for me to keep on a rigorous publication schedule of almost daily publishing so, for now, I am going to be changing the schedule to:

  • Blogs: Published Mondays, once a month.
  • Podcasts: Published Tuesdays, once a month.
  • Note-able Moments Cartoons: Every Friday.

This is not a permanent change but there are other things that I need to focus on at the same time at work and at home. So I am learning where to put energy to cover more of an effective area.

Now, is this ok?

Of course it is. YOU are in charge of your own life and YOU dictate where you put your energies. Too many times I see people that are burned out and that is how they define themselves, by how much work they have gotten done, by how burned out they are, essentially turning to everyone around them and saying; “Look how tired and exhausted I am … see how important I am? Count the bullet holes that have been shot at me, see my important battles that I am sacrificing myself for?”

I don’t know exactly where you are in your life but THIS GUY wants to draw with his Granddaughter, chase his freckled-faced wife around the house, maybe manage to read a book or two, learn to play piano and get my value from time spent, not work done; that’s a bet you will NEVER win, because the deck is stacked against you. Ask anyone, we NEVER have enough time to get work done, trust me, it’ll be waiting for you when you go back.

Go Turn Your Day Around!

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