A New Addition To The Website!!!!

So here’s a new addition to the website that I’m starting for the new year! It’s called “Note-able Moments.” Some of you that have been around for a while may recognize this from something that I tried to start several years back. When I first started at SERVPRO, I got the idea to hand out cartoons but the idea of the business card had not occurred to me yet. So, I took Post-it Notes from my desk and started drawing on them. For any of you that don’t know how many offices I see in a day it can be many, and if more than one person wants a drawing the number of Post-it Notes that I can go through can be a lot. After I was approached about “office supply abuse” (that’s a term I use, not SERVPRO), I got the idea to put them on the back of my business cards.

They are meant to be quick sketches that are done on a Post-it Note as a quick reminder to help you get through your day, or maybe you’ll just get a chuckle from them. If you don’t understand every one of them that’s OK, not all are meant to be funny.

The plan is to publish them on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with a goal to publish something every weekday. These drawings may be a quick glance of my day, they may be something stoic, or a comment on the car that just cut me off and some, some are just meant to be a quick “as I see it” kind of thing.

I hope you enjoy reading them as much I do making them, as I have always said, “This is cheaper than therapy for me!”

Go win your day and Turn It Around!

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