Really? How old are you??

Points of Interests:

1. I have a black leather motorcycle jacket that I were EVERYWHERE …except when I am at work.

2. In the winter, when it’s REAL cold, I have a red knitted scarf and matching mitten that I wear with my jacket, it was made for me by a friend, years ago and I still were them today. In fact, she just posted a response to one of my posting here a few days ago and that’s how that got in here, I can’t think of my coat without Mary’s scarf and gloves.

3. The hat I am wearing was a school hat that I found in the back closet of my first home, it was my sister Laura’s, I think, and it said “Jefferson High School” in white lettering across the white stripes. I can still smell the onions that Mom use to store in the back closet.

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