Happy New Year!!!!

This was to go out last week but on Friday, I can’t tell if it was ME that was the problem or Word Press. There are MANY apps running in the background of this website and if one of them just “hick-ups” once, it will stop the whole train. The website is set for automatic updates of the apps but I have found that the authors of all those apps can update when ever they like, like 7am on Friday morning before the New Year

…or it was a holiday week, I published early on Sunday and forgot to post it on Friday, thinking that I did.

Whatever, I know you guys will understand. So take this as a “Happy New Year!!” Post.

Points of interest in this cartoon:

1. Shannon has a long purple nightgown “thing.”

2. While I do NOT own the shirt, shorts or antlers, this is SO her and I!


Happy New Year everyone!

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