The Suit

As with every household this time of year, there are several traditions that we practice. Certain decorations have their spot in the house, certain tree decorations are strategically placed in a better, more visually appealing, location to remind us of past celebrations; even the choice of tree topper is a source of “who claims first (we have multiples here).”

Even though we hold MANY of these items in importance with fond memories, there is one, one item or set of items that cuts right to the heart of our Christmas celebration; the top item, handled with reverence, stored with care, preparation and stealth. That item is “The Suit.” The Mister Christmas suit, the “Ho-Ho-Ho!” attire. The Suit, consisting of a coat, pants, beard, wig, hat, gloves and even a pipe.


The author of this article, around age 3, receiving a fire truck from Santa with “help’ from my dad. (I still have the fire truck to this day!)

In the interest of keeping some sense of magic here, I will be referring to the actions happening in this article from here on out as “helping Santa” – not to indicate that I am afraid of little eyes reading this article but because I believe that we ALL need a little magic, even in the very farthest regions of our imaginations and face it, when you think of me “helping Santa,” somewhere you smile a little and say to yourself, “Yep, I can see him doing that.”

A little background on The Suit. Back in the mid 1960’s when JC Penny’s still had a fabulous store-front presentation, it is my understanding that a family friend “helped Santa” in the department store visiting children who came to see him and when he could not, he would call on my Dad and my Father would fill in “Helping Santa” with a bright Red Velvet outfit that MY MOTHER HAD MADE BY HAND, which then was sent down the visitation line over the years in my family with my sisters, through me, on to the NEXT generation of nieces and nephew, then on through with my son and I am proud to say has continued on to this day with my Granddaughter, RaeLynn!

RaeLynn, my Granddaughter, gettting her first toy from Santa, same suit, and this time I “helped”!


Now, let me share this with you, speaking from “the inside,” when you turn the corner and the ENTIRE ROOM gets a glimpse of you “helping Santa,” there is not ONE sad face in the entire room! Everyone greets you as a friend, shakes your hand, laughs more and the room just feels better.

I have “helped,” Goofy, Darth Vader, Jafar, Governor Ratcliff, Baloo the Bear and MANY others, but I assure you their is NOTHING like “helping Santa,” for the room … or for the “helper” either.

Why am I writing this now? This Tuesday, I will be “Helping Santa” visit a large group of ladies in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, at a Community Center get that feeling, the one your feeling right now, all over again, with smiles and handshakes, winks and nods. Can there be any better way to Turn It Around in The Christmas Season?!?!

Go and Win Your Day!!!

…Ho! Ho! Ho!

3 thoughts on “The Suit

  1. Ok you’re killing me smalls! That Star Wars outfit photo is just what I needed to start my day!! The whole Santa gig is totally up your alley. I love to see kids faces light up when they see the big man in red. I used to drive Santa around on Christmas eve as he went from house to house. The minute he HO, HO HO at the front door and the camera’s flashed through the windows and singing began. My heart would just melt, knowing that the kids in that house will forever remember that Santa !!!!!

    1. I knew you would like that!!! So, it’s all that; “I just want to make others smile for Christmas. Even us older kids need that, sometimes we need it more.

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