How To Get Around

I have spoken to many of my followers here and have discovered that some do not fully understand how to get around this site so, for this week, I’m going to give some instructions on how to get to other aspects of the site. There are MANY different parts to this sight and to truely enjoy it, you need to know how everything works.

The Hamburger

The “hamburger” (see the different layers in the side view?) is the menu button and will open up to different pages in this site. At the time of this publishing there are three:

  • Home – takes you back to the first or “landing page” of this site.
  • Blog – This takes you to a list of ALL the different articles that I have written since the start of this site.
  • Portfolio – This is a past collection of all the graphic work that I have done since starting with my current job.

The Calendar

The Calendar is where you can see that something HAS BEEN published on a specific day as well as a shortcut to take you to that specific day in case more then one posting has happened for that day and it will also show you if there are any responses to any posting (see the next section). Also, you will notice the “Archive” and “Select Category” sections.

  • Select Month – Go back and review posts a month at a time.
  • Select Category – Go back and review articles by categories. The current categories are Year, Route Cards and Blogs.

Leaving Comments

This is possibly the most important thing that you can do while you’re here enjoying a quiet moment. Please … please … PLEASE, sign up and leave a comment on this site. I have been told that it takes just a few minutes to register and you can get notified EVERY TIME I add content to this page. I love hearing from everybody and we have had some pretty good conversations already from those who have already signed up. You’ll find this “Leave a Comment” button at the absolute end of the post.

That’s this week’s blog. I appreciate all of you who keep coming back here and for those of you that this is a first time, welcome! If I have missed anything that you think I should have put in here or just wanna say “Hi,” leave a comment in the section that says “Leave Comment” below and don’t forget that we are also on Facebook and Instagram. PLEASE feel free to sign up for the Monthly Newsletter and see behind-the-scenes as well as Birthday wishes and the sort. Come join us!

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