One For Us, Two For Them!

While on vacation, we park our car at a special location that is secure and they give us transport back and forth from the airport. I consider it the last “ride” of the entire trip. The shuttle drivers work very hard and fast to pick you up, get you to your parking spot, unload your luggage …

… and then POOF, they are gone onto the next pickup and you’re left in a parking garage, alone, realizing this is the end of your trip. You have saved and planned, then replanned, hoped and dreamed, been shuttled, waited, put into lines, shipped, processed, hoped and dreamed more, processed again, hurried along and then left … here. Alone with your luggage in a cold unforgiving wasteland of a garage.

We slowly load our bruised and battered luggage into the car. Shannon gets in on one side and I into the other. We exhale, stare off into the distance a second realizing work starts agin soon and it’s back to our life. I start the car realizing we are at the end, look over at Shannon who is smiling that beautiful grin and say; “That was a great adventure Tink, when are we doin’ that again?”

“Whenever you want Peter,” comes the soft laugh.

And all the way home we start dreaming of the next Disney adventure, as we plan, hope and dream …

… of the ship!

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