Can You Spell 👑?

It happened! The WORST thing that can happen to someone on a vacation on the other side of the country. Not even 1/3 of the way into our vacation.

I am eating a bagel and while chewing … I notice a stone in my mouth … that’s no stone, that’s part of my tooth! I had cracked a tooth, a molar to be exact. Sheared it, to be even more precise.

My “local” dentist is in Northern Minnesota, my brother-in-law. I called my sister, who LITERALLY answered, “Calling while you’re at Disney? What’s wrong?” I told her the story.

“Send me a picture and I’ll pass it on to the Doctor.”

The first question is always the same, “Any pain?” I froze for a minute as my body did a “system’s check.”

“Uh…” Was my surprised response.

“Ok. No pain, no emergency. Go back to the beach. We’ll see you in a couple of weeks. And, uh, little brother?”

Here it comes. “Yes?” I said.

“Only chew on the others side of your mouth. Got it?”

Sigh. “Ok.”

What had happened, to the best we know so far, is that the cracked tooth has a filling in it and it is holding everything else in place for now.

No chewing on that one side but … use ice if you have any discomfort.


Doctor’s orders, right?!

2 thoughts on “Can You Spell 👑?

  1. Hopefully you were able to enjoy the rest of your vacay 😎😜. I bit into a frozen cheeseburger i ordered from Wendy’s once. And before you go there, no, i did NOT order it frozen. 🤦‍♀️.

    1. I was going to say; I don’t remember seeing a Frozen Burgers as a special on their menu!? Is there such a thing as the “Frozen Jr Double?”

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