One Woman’s Souvenir…!

“No problem Hun, I’ll stay right here while you go hit the gift shop. Bartender, I seem to have an issue here, I am in need of a fruity drink if you please.”

I’ve got her this time, she can take all the time she wants, I’ll just pay for this with the cash in my wallet…!

I suddenly remembered it was in the room because we had planned to go swimming. Uh oh!

He looked at me and said, “Open a tab?”

I sat up confidently, “Why yes, my good man, that is a capital idea!”

I continued, “… and when a cute brunette shows up, we will have her pay for it.”

The Bartender looked at me with puzzlement on his face and asked, “How will I know which one is yours? We have many fine looking brunettes around the resort?” He said it loud enough that the others could hear him, he was clearly working on his tips.

I didn’t miss a beat. I said, “You’ll know her right away, she will have a massive amount of shopping bags and will be addressing me as, what have you done now?!?”

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