It’s 6:00, Do You Know Where Your Guests Are At??

We had been at Vero Beach a couple of days and we decided to go hang out on the beach. Well, as we walked out onto the beach we were noticing that while it was late in the day, the Cast Members were putting things away for the day.

We made our way closer to the beach.

We got on to the beach and noticed that the young beach staff were pulling up umbrellas and filling in the holes that the post had made.

We took off our shoes and started to approach the welcoming waves.

Right at the edge of the surf, as a young Cast Member was doing final checks on the condition of the beach, I happened to say to him, “Changing of the Guard, eh?” As if to say, when does the next group of beach staff come out?

He did not even look up at me and just casually said, “Nope, we take everything in at this time because this is when the sharks come out to hunt in shallow waters.”

We stopped just SHORT of the cresting waters. Shannon looked at me and calmly asked, “Fruity drink?”

In turn I said, “Yes … at the bar.”

We picked up our shoes and went to the bar … inside the resort.

Oceans are better VIEWED anyway.

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