Winds Of Change

Chris Pizzi

The Scorpions wrote a banger in 1990 that has become a karaoke classic, even though I make up a large portion of the lyrics. Could be Klaus Meine’s accent, or it could be the libations enjoyed prior to the karaoke set. But I digress …

“Like sand through an hour glass, so are the days of our lives.” Maybe I spent too much time at Grandma’s when growing up but that show opener always comes to mind when I think of change. Sitting on the couch while she make’s spaghetti, Victor Kiriakis and Julie Williams dancing across the screen, listening to the police scanner … oh childhood went way to fast. So we get older and have to decide what we want to be when we grow up. Many attend college and decide at 18 years old where their lives will take them. Others go into the trades and set themselves up with long careers of rewarding hard work and the benefits that come along with it. But some, myself included, never really know what they want to do. So they chase excitement until they find something they’re good at. And they continue to change their minds until something clicks. But it may take a lot of changing (and a lot of explanations to their wife as to why they have another different business card) because that happens. And, here we are.

So why is change so scary? People alter dresses, people modify cars, prices of homes vary. Not all change is bad … Well, yes and no. Change is what you make of it. And the decision to take the steps to change something is almost as difficult as the change itself. Heck, I go back and forth on turning on the furnace even when the weather report talks of frost at night or snow in the forecast. Making that decision is a big one in my house. Committing to it and going through with it feels so good once the decision is made, but then comes part B, the act of change. (No, I don’t mean just switching from Cool to Heat.)

I made a change recently that will impact myself, my family and hopefully our future for the better. It isn’t a “grass is greener” situation, more of a “I wanna go play in that pasture.” It’s scary, and honestly my decision wasn’t an easy one at all because I had found something that was very comfortable and had it’s own great potential. But I’ve never been the type to let a challenge slip by because what’s the fun in that? What’s the point in being comfortable? Much like gambling, life is so much better with money on the line. It drives hunger, it sparks creativity, it produces growth both internal and external that otherwise would sit stagnant in the old comfort. And really, the changes we make don’t have to be this drastic but can have the same impact, I just choose to go big.

To the organization, to the connections I’ve made, to the neighbors who have called and needed us at a moment’s notice – thank you for trusting me and trusting us to take care of you. It’s been an honor serving you and a true joy to network and connect people whose needs are more than what I can offer. I’ll never stop promoting the brand here, and recommending the services they provide. I’ll just be wearing a different hat when I do it from now on.

… Take me to the magic of the moment, on a glory night, where the children of tomorrow share their dreams with you and me ….

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