Who Decided To Let Her On The Beach With A Shovel?!?!

While on the beach in front of our resort, we walked out onto the pier to find they were having a sand sculpture contest. They take pictures, applaud your success and then before nightfall, they knock it all over and fill it in since it’s turtle hatching season – they don’t want the baby turtles getting “hung up” in a hole.

It was at that moment that I noticed a couple who had clearly been married for many years. When the bubbly Disney cast member came SKIPPING up to them with a small trowel in his hands he asked this couple if they would enjoy joining the sand castle tournament. The woman looked at this kid and said, ‘Sonny you put a shovel in my hand and I’m gonna WHACK him with it and bury him on this beach and then he’s YOUR problem!”

Ah, true love.

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