Doughnut Anyone??

The 5:30 alarm sounds particularly early on a Wednesday morning. I  showered and got ready to go to work. 6:10; time to get going.  The roads are any easy drive INTO Wisconsin as early morning commuters are on their way OUT, mostly to The Twin Cities or to parts in between.

By 7am I am turning into the Glenwood City Fair Grounds for the 2nd annual “Build My Future” event, where local Trade Companies and Trade Schools meet with bus loads of high school students so that they can show them different aspects of different trade jobs and the kids have the ability to try a hands on approach to different parts of some of these jobs. It is a fantastic show to see.

In the course of the day you can see things like students using VR to go through a blueprinted house, welding demonstrations, house framing, earth moving exercises, as well as electrical line  duties, house siding and concrete work. All available to the kids to try!

The starting point. Student are dropped off at registration and then guided into into Fair Grounds.

This event is  attended by HUNDREDS of students that are made up by male and female alike!

Now, with all these vendors and volunteers, there is a need for a “hospitality” section that serves coffee and donuts to everyone, that is, all who are working at the show, no students allowed, a “Fortress Of Solitude” if you will. This is were SERVPRO stepped in to help, Piz and I manned the Hospitality Area and when I say that Piz and I manned the section, I mean Piz planned it all. He is VERY good at that. We served every vendor, volunteer and bus driver that crossed our path. We even had a “Bouncer” or sorts, to turn students away from the “quiet area.” Thank you Mrs. Piz for all your organizing and planning and thank you Piz for your set up, take down and running to the store for water and soda.

In the end the numbers speak for them selves:

6-7 hours

40 vendor in attendance

2 technical colleges represented

1500 – 1700 students in all!

And our booth?

17 dozen doughnuts

12 Gallons of coffee

I would definitely say that a couple of students got their life “Turned Around” here.

…I would call that a win Kids.

Go win your day!

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