I WISH it was that easy!

As part of my cartoons this month I am taking you all on our little journey from last month – our Disney Vacation to Vero Beach. Many of you know that I carry a little sketchbook with me wherever I go and when the moment strikes I either start drawing … or start taking notes. Nothing confuses someone as much as when they say or do something and I reach into my pocket, pull out a notebook and say, “Can you say/do that again please?” 😉

I assure you, all subjective matter is real, it’s mainly the outcome that is … a little different. All the names have been changed to protect … oh, who am I kidding, all the “fun stuff” happened to Shannon, and the “naughty stuff’ to yours truly!

While it’s fun going around making “Snap Shots” of our vacation, maybe someday I will get enough courage to ask Shannon what she thinks of all this chaos. After 22 years though, I am still working up the courage!


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