“You Are No Charles Schultz!”

I know that this statement sounds like it is for “artists” but, I also think it is transferable to other types of personalities as well. Sure, there are a lot of you out there that I see on a regular basis that ARE artists, but for those of you who aren’t, or THINK that you aren’t, try to get your head around this. The way you run and organize your day can make you an artist; the way to work construction makes you an artist; the way you dig a ditch can make you an artist. Anything you do with a process makes you an artist.

If you think yourself an artist … you ARE an artist.

Several years ago, when I first started working with my comic strip, I had an Editor refuse to pay ANYTHING for my submitted work under the explanation that he was publishing my work in his paper and that should be enough for me – ‘exposure.’ He would not even pay me $5 for each piece that I turned and sadly, by that point, we were talking about manipulation and not appreciation. Fast forward several years where I am sitting in front of yet another Editor and his staff, of which I was invited to join. I was prepared, confident, and compelling. I had been syndicated in newspapers, worked for Fortune 500 companies, syndicated in NUMEROUS magazines, taught hundreds and hundreds of students the system of cartooning and creative thinking and the Editor across the desk looked at me and said; “Oh, I thought you were doing this job just for the exposure? Uh, how about I call you tomorrow.

The editor never called. Surprise.

I am still an artist.

That’s great Sketch, what does this have to do with me?

You must FIND places where you can interject your passion. You might find places where you can take part ownership of a project and make it your own. Little things, big things … things for no reason at all! Just to tell the world that you will not go quietly! Find your place and call it your own. Be the best you can be and let it go! Only you can do this for yourself and only you can place a value on you and your time.

One other thing.

You have a responsibility that one day when you reach that point …teach someone else how to do it for themselves.

It’s not about making money, its about making a difference.

Go turn your day around.

I dare ya.

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