Back To Reality and Another Year Older

Hello everyone, we have returned from vacation and I have already started back into work at the office.

Although I do say that it was a little difficult getting back into the “swing of things,” just because of our vacation time, many of you have asked about pictures and, while I did post some up on our Instagram site ( about half way through the vacation, I thought I would just put out a blog-cast with them and cover more ground.

To wrap up, THANK YOU to all who celebrated with us and followed on social media. To those that I was able to be with, THANK YOU for thinking of me. For this month all the cartoons that I am posting will be from our trip, “Vacation Edition.” Be sure to check them out every Tuesday and Friday starting at 7:00am CST.

I have said before that getting away for a while is always worth it but now I think that’s not all of it. It is mandatory, for your mental and physical wellness, for your perspective and for the relationships that you cherish most. Take those fresh ideas …

… and Go Turn It Around for you as well as somebody else.

I dare you.

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