How To Move Forward When You’re Chained Down

This last week has been a fairly difficult one. I have had some customer issues with my cartooning business, had a diabetic incident, and had two appointments back out at the last minute. Not the end of the world but, enough for me to question my abilities a couple of times, both professional and artistically. This brings me to this week’s post of when the world knocks you around, how are you to reach inside and muster the strength to still be able to Turn It Around for yourself. Let’s go through a few things.

1. It’s nothing personal.

It’s easy to take it as an insult or a personal attack. The more emotional you are, your mind slips down a dark path faster. The truth of the matter is that the other person, group, or team, has a totally different agenda than you. They are trying to do the same thing you are … get by. So don’t take it personal. They may not have handled it properly but YOU can be the better person and receive it better than it was sent.


2. Remember all the things that you have done to get where you are today.

Yes, it can be a setback, but you have handled everything else that has been tossed at you up to this point. Let THAT fact give you strength. This is not your first, nor will it be your last ‘rodeo.’ Learn to identify these times that way you can logically see where you are in the process and you’ll be able to guide your way through it, giving you some hope with a light at the end of this tunnel.


3. Don’t stop.

Remember it’s alright to take a break and get your wind back. Let the dust settle and rethink the plan but don’t stop, don’t let this speed bump destroy the ride. Water that doesn’t continue to move becomes stagnant and unusable. You are better than this and you never know if you are setting the example for someone else.


4. There is no shame in talking to somebody else about it.

It is alright to talk to somebody else about issues, privately OR professionally. Sometimes just having somebody to listen to you vent can be a night and day difference for your mental health. Find someone you know who will listen, someone you can trust. They don’t even need to give advice back but just listen. Bringing issues out into the open can be life changing … or even life saving.


5. Don’t let the NEXT group see what the last group has done.

It’s not fair, it’s not professional and it may cut you off from the next adventure opening up to you, all because you were not in the right mind to see it. This switch can sometimes be the hardest one to flip because the discussion you have about this is the one you have with yourself. Don’t give up, YOU are in control NOT somebody else. It is the unseen rudder that turns the ship not the sails.

We will talk more about other things we can do for ourselves to deal with obstacles, but for now, this is a good start. Put these arrows in your quiver and use them when you need them. I took my own advice and told a friend and I feel much better for it.

As always, whether you’re having a good day or bad … make it your own and Turn It Around.

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