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Business Card F.A.Q.

If you have followed along with this Blog, you already know that I hand out business cards to my clients on my sales route, if you are new here, you are going to learn why a new business card is expected by my clients.

When people first realize what’s on the back of the business cards I hand out, I usually get asked a series of questions and I thought I would address them in a “Frequently Asked Question” Post.

Did you draw this by hand?

Yes, I hand-draw EVERY card back. I tried laying it out on the computer once but it is too time consuming. PLUS, I see the popularity of them BECAUSE of their uniqueness … an extra line here, something else in the background there, it makes each card unique.

What do you use to make them?

While I have used anything at my disposal on my desk (i.e. ballpoint pens and mechanical pencils), I have currently refined it down to using a specific brand fountain pen made in Germany with special ink made in Japan.

How many do you do?

I draw 15 to 24 a day, depending on the offices I am going to see that day, plus one or two extras. While  that seems like a lot of cards, take into consideration that schedules change, plans go awry, not every stop is made, extra stops are made, etc. I try not to have more than a couple of cards go into the next day. If I do have “left overs” from a route, I hold on to them and give them out to everyone at lunches, Chamber Meetings, etc., things like that so EVERY card gets used.

I also create in intervals of 3 since my hand-held printer, which I use to print the the QRC codes on the stickers, prints off in batches of 3 to a label and then I cut them up.

How long does it take?

I try to keep it to just minutes a card, which is why they are not colored (normally) and all look somewhat the same. Every start of a new route the work can take me 5-7 minutes to get out the new idea on the card and a few days later it’s only taking me 2-3 minutes to put it to paper; repetition is king here, the more I draw, the faster I get!

Do you draw different ones EVERY DAY?

No, I change them up every sales route I start, so about 2-3 times a month. This blog has given me a way to show others the process of making them and has helped me “vent” creatively.

Do I get one every time?

Yes, every time. I also leave them behind so that people know I was in the office that day and that I missed them. Their collections keep growing and it gives me something else to talk about with them besides the, “How’s your family?” Routine.

How long have you been doing these cards?

Since 2018

Where did you learn to do this?

I have been doing characters like this all of my life. My nickname is Sketch, after all.

Is this character of you?

A majority are, sometimes they are coworkers, especially group scenes.

There is a lot of information here but what I want you to take away from this is, this is one of the routines I use to start my day … some have a cup of coffee … I need to be creative, and it just happens to be on the back of my business cards. It prepares me, it focuses me, and it helps me REFOCUS during the course of the day! We all take breaks, I just find it easier to relax with a pen in my hand!
A video that captured me working line by line.

I challenge you to find a place for doing something like this at your job – it may take some time but don’t give up. Find someplace at your work where you can hide a little magic and maybe for somebody else, you can “Turn It Around!”

Have a great day!

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