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Uncle Reuben

Since I am starting the second route for the month, it’s time to change up the business card drawings. At the request of Pizz, I am doing a golf theme.

Points of interest in the drawing:

Back in the 70’s, my Great Uncle had a cabin right next door to ours and he adored golf. When I was young, he gave me a set of rickety old clubs and told me to practice and “become the next Palmer.” This entire seen is dedicated to that time.

  1. The club in his hand is one of those beat-up clubs. In fact, they were so old that the wrappings were coming undone and the NAILS that held them together were working their way out. The one I always went to was this one that had a HUGE head on it; my little mind always thought ‘more of a square coverage area = better hits.’ I found out later that the metal head had been repaired, literally WELDED back together. My Great Uncle said later that his first wife had busted it over his head when he beat her at a game once … never confirmed, this came from the man who also said, “If you play your cards right, you’ll grow up to be a man before your mother.”
  2. The flag is maroon and gold, the colors of the Minnesota Golden Gophers, my Great Uncle’s and my Dad’s alma mater. Both were VERY proud of that fact.
  3. Lastly, if you look carefully, the cup looks like it’s coming right out of the ground. After my Great Uncle gave me the clubs, my Father buried a bunch of metal Planter’s Peanut ‘cups’ (yes, they used to sell metal containers!) all over our yard so I had a golf course to practice on with small golf-ball-sized wiffle balls so that they wouldn’t go TOO far. After it rained, the cups would squeeze out of the ground a little because of the moisture-saturated earth, thereby giving the player the option to practice putting AND pitching at the same time!

I remember playing with my Dad, my Brother-in-laws and anyone who happened to be walking by on the road!

Forty years later, I bet those Planter’s ‘tin cups’ are still there.

I hope this helps Turn It Around for you, enjoy your week!

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